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Everything You Need To Know About Meditation App

What is a Meditation App?

Meditation is a practice which is used by individuals all around the world where a person uses several techniques such as focusing on a particular object or activity while also training the mind to achieve attention and awareness in order to achieve a better mental and emotional state.

Why is a meditation app required?

In this current generation, our lifestyle is becoming more and more monotonous each day. People are getting more and more immersed in their responsibilities. Starting from their work to their family everyone has to take care of some work or the other before even getting the time to think about themselves. In this competitive and ever-demanding world, we have forgotten the importance of calmness and how it actually feels to sit in silence and relax for some time.
But there is still a ray of hope for our monotonous life and our continuous struggle in the form of meditation apps. Everyone needs some motivation when it comes to trying out something new. This is where the meditation apps come into play. Meditation applications are extremely useful and play a significant role in the training and guidance of a person who wishes to try out meditation but has no previous experience in it

Which kind of technologies are required for development?

The technology behind the development of meditation apps are not too complicated. Choosing the right stack of technology is for the development of these apps is essential to ensure the proper functioning. Some of these technologies include Google Analytics and PHP among several others.

Market Size of Meditation App

Now that you know the importance of meditation apps especially in this current scenario it is time to understand the market size of these meditation apps.

  • According to several research and data, it is being forecasted that the medication app market will grow from 1.21 Billion dollars in the year 2017 to 2.08 billion dollars by the year 2022.
  • More than 14% of adults in the United States of America have tried the meditation apps at least once.

These data make it clear that the meditation app market is growing at a fast pace and the constantly changing health and Wellness industry is catalysing its growth. In order to get a better perspective, it is important to first familiarize yourself with the competitors by taking a look at some of the most popular and top meditation applications which exist in the market in today’s date.

  • The Aura App has a total funding of 574.7 Million Dollars
  • Breathe App has received funding of around 18.4 Million Dollars.
  • Another app known as Calm App has got funding of 143 Million Dollars.

Now that it is clear that the meditation app industry is growing very quickly. Now if you are wondering what can be offered to the meditation industry let us understand the various pros of the most popular meditation applications.

Pros of Mediation Apps

  • Meditation applications track the progress of each user. As a result, everyone gets to keep track of their progress as well as their downs. This helps a user to make sure that they do not skip meditation.
  • Some of the meditation apps also offer classes from meditation experts who help these students with innumerable techniques. The experts also guide the users through the various advantages of meditation and motivate them to continue it further.
  • A lot of meditation apps also offer SOS sessions in case the user goes to a moment of panic or anxiety.
  • The meditation applications also offer the basic meditation techniques which can be done even by beginners.

What are features that these Meditation Apps require?

The meditation apps offer a variety of features which can prove to be highly useful for the person using the apps. These features come in handy and are easy to use and navigate through.

  • A brief walk-through the on-board app features This classic feature allows the user to understand the application clearly and easily before they start to use the app. The quick and brief walk-through the important features helps the users to understand the highlights of the application while also allowing them to discover the major functions which are available in the app.
  • Customized user profile A person gets more connected to meditation through the meditation apps if the application feels personal to them. This can only be done by allowing the users to customize the application according to their needs. Create a filter for the users wherein certain general questions can be asked to them in order to help them create their profile such as their purpose for using the meditation app, or the age group they belong to. By selecting the age group a user can receive personalized meditation tips and techniques which suits their age. The filter can also include questions such as the medications which they are currently taking. By understanding the answers to these questions, customized suggestions and meditation mechanic can be provided to the user which makes them feel more connected.
  • Introduce challenges and games in the application A meditation application which integrates various challenges and games cease a much more increase in use. People tend to engage more in the application by meditating if they get to complete a task or an exercise session in order to achieve a badge. There is an innate desire in human beings to keep up with the scores and challenges which ultimately increases the amount of time they spend on the application. It is a lot of time that many people tend to find themselves more interested in achieving their milestones which can prove to be very advantageous for the meditation app development.
  • Help the users to track their progress by keeping a library The main aim and goal of a meditation app are to provide users with various kinds of techniques and methods of meditation, exercises and relaxation. The best way to keep the users engaged with the app is to allow them to keep track of their daily progress through trackers. The real-time trackers which are integrated with these applications allow the user to track their breathing, heartbeat, and other parts of their body during their meditation. This type of tracker can help them to collaborate with experts who can judge their meditation and its effectiveness by assessing the meditation progress of their followers.
  • Give assistance to the users through virtual in-app video calls or recorded videos By the use of virtual assistance, the users can get their queries answered at all times of the day. It is important for the users to feel that they are not alone in this and support is always available to them at all times of the day. Through virtual assistance, the users can ask everything they are confused about. The in-app videos are also extremely helpful for the users since these videos can be downloaded and saved in their device which can later be accessed without any Internet connection. The users can stream the videos offline and refer to it even if they are visiting a place with low network connectivity. The expert opinion and suggestions can guide the users which will ultimately bring more traffic to the online meditation app. This 24×7 virtual assistance creates customer loyalty and builds a trustworthy relationship between the users and the experts.

Making money from the Meditation App

Meditation apps can be used in various ways when it comes to monetization. The first and simplest method is through the subscription where the users need to pay a fixed amount to unlock several premium additional features on the basis of duration. The subscription can be done on a monthly or a yearly basis.

Another method of monetizing a meditation app is to introduce in-app purchases. Under this technique, the users are provided with several in-app products and services which can be bought through the app. However, all of these products and reviews are always related to the platform of meditation some way or the other. The in-app purchases also offer various training programs which enable the users to select one program of their choice from a list of several programs. Last but not the least, advertisements are always one of the most popular methods of monetization when it comes to applications. In this era of digitization, everyone wants to have a digital presence for their company. You can place a third party advertisement on your application. This is certainly a viable approach to generate a good percentage of revenue.

Budget required to develop a meditation app

The budget for the development of a meditation app includes certain aspects such as the app specification. The amount of money you would require for the development of the application largely depends on your requirements as well as the complexity of the app. The complexity proportions and the application features along with various functionalities and development strategy play a vital role in the budget determination for the development of any meditation app. The overall budget also depends on several other factors such as-

  • Mobile platform If the application is being designed for launch on both ioS and Android mobile phones, then the cost of development will certainly be higher. App development solely for Android mobile devices is cheaper as compared to ioS.
  • Application Size If an application has several special functionalities and features, the application size increases drastically which in turn further increases the budget.

ISP Billing Software

ISPMate is a comprehensive ISP billing software designed exclusively for internet service providers, addressing your crucial needs in billing, complaint management, and operational efficiency. Our powerful features empower ISPs to streamline their processes and enhance customer satisfaction.

Key Features Of ISPMate

  1. Customer Data and Document Management: ISPMate enables ISPs to centralize and
    efficiently manage customer data and documents. Say goodbye to scattered information – our
    ISP Billing Software offers a unified platform to ensure quick access and seamless updates.
  2. Package Renewal for Admin and Users: Admins and users can easily renew their internet
    packages through ISP billing software. Our user-friendly interface ensures a hassle-free
    experience, enhancing convenience for your team and customers.
  3. Rapid Ticket Resolution: When customers encounter issues, they can promptly raise tickets
    through ISP billing software. This integrated system facilitates efficient communication and
    swift resolution, bolstering customer satisfaction.
  4. Hardware Stock Management with Dual Verification: Managing hardware stock is made
    effortless with ISPMate. Our dual verification system enhances accuracy and accountability.
  5. Employee Management and Attendance: Keep track of your employees’ attendance and
    manage their details seamlessly with ISP Billing Software. The software simplifies HR tasks,
    allowing you to focus on what truly matters.
  6. Salary Management: ISPMate aids ISPs in managing employee salaries efficiently. Say
    goodbye to manual calculations and errors – our software streamlines the process for accurate
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  7. Integration with Multiple Bandwidth Management Software: With ISPMate, integration with
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  8. Mobile Application for Customer Self-Care: We also have you covered on the customer front.
    ISP billing Software offers integrated mobile applications for Android and iOS, empowering our
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Q1: Is ISPMate suitable for both small and large ISPs?

Ans: Yes, ISPMate is suitable for both small and large ISPs. It has all the features that are
required for ISPs.ISPMate is fully scalable. ISPMate billing software is fully tested, and it can
handle huge numbers of user at one time.

Q2: Can ISPMate integrate with my bandwidth management software?

Ans: ISPMate integrates seamlessly with multiple bandwidth management software like Jaze, H8,
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Q3: How does ISPMate handle recurring customer’s internet?

Ans: ISPMate billing software has a smooth user interface that lets users make payments online
through various payment gateways in a very smooth manner. Also, ISPMate Renew customers’
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Q4: What customer support options are available with ISPMate?

Ans: ISPMate customer support is available 24 * 7 for any issue or concern. ISPMate provides
support over phone calls, emails, and WhatsApp, and users can also raise requests on our
complaint management portable. The customer support team received the ticket within the SLA

Q5: How does ISPMate streamline billing processes?

Ans: ISPMate billing software can be scaled to accommodate the growth of an ISP’s business.
ISPMate billing software can help to protect sensitive customer information. ISPMate Billing
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How App Development Company is Changing Business Productivity?

Earlier apps were only used for entertainment and social media. In 2022, these apps are used by entrepreneurs to boost their businesses. The app development company is remaking business productivity and there is nothing as exciting as an app that can help grow assets.

As an entrepreneur or a business owner, it’s very important to know what’s an app development company and how it helps in growth. Welcome to Finesoft Technologies – the best app development company in Delhi. We will help you find answers to how apps change business productivity. So, stay tuned!

This is how App Development is Changing the Future of Entrepreneurship

Businesses today struggle for customer engagement. All thanks to apps that help in getting more products to an individual which is beneficial for companies. Companies have already begun to implement mobile apps in their workplace. It is because the right app transforms the industry into something new and dynamic. For example: boosting productivity and driving in huge revenue.

App development is one of the best options for those who want a business they can launch within a short period. You can start your own company via a centralized app or program. With mobile apps, entrepreneurs can set up their businesses and manage them effectively. A business must have a mobile app that can help in making its business popular and providing unique services to clients and customers.

Mobile App Development Company in Delhi helps in improving your productivity when it comes to business. Your business will then attract a wider reach of customers. Moreover, app development can help improve your clientele base and make your company more credible and reliable.

Which is the Best App Development Company in Delhi?

Finesoft Technologies is the best app development company in Delhi. Here, the software development team helps you in developing your ideas and goals into a software application. With years of experience and dedication, the company promises to offer one-to-one support so that you will be able to get the best possible solution for your app development project.

Developers at Finesoft Technologies are highly interested in working on projects and love to take on new challenges. Choose this company and be assured of your app development project. We can work on native, hybrid, and cross-platform apps. We take pride in offering you top-notch app development services. Our services include designing and developing web and app mobile applications for your business enhancement.

What are the ways an App development company is changing business productivity?

1. Finesoft Technologies – the best Mobile App Development Company in Delhi helps businesses develop their app without having to invest too much time and money into them. App developers are known as software developers or IT specialists who offer the best mobile app development and software solutions.

2. App development companies like Finesoft Technologies use technology, creativity, experience, and other resources to develop the client’s business app. The developers are experts at offering reliable and professional help in developing a customized solution that meets business needs.

3. The finest app development company such as Finesoft Technologies has experience creating effective apps that allow individuals and businesses to realize their goals faster with minimal concern about price.

4. Mobile app developers not only develop apps but also pays attention to the app features, UI, performance, and data security issues. This is an important part of the process because apps are not just a business; they’re successful products.


All in all, we can conclude that app development is changing the entire problem-solving in businesses and startups. Today, entrepreneurs solve business issues, non-technical drawbacks, & website-building proceedings through app development. Thus, app development comes with the freedom to think differently, connect deeply with customers both locally and globally, manage risks, & propose processes for a consistently profitable result.

Advantages Of Consulting ERP Software Development Company

Businesses are utilizing technologies to improve their performance and make an impact on their sector. Since it offers so many benefits, such as standardizing company operations, enhancing teamwork and workflows, reporting and planning, efficiency, offering data security and quality, and more, ERP software appears to be the answer. Finding ERP and assessing it are challenging tasks. There are several terminologies, goods, markets, technologies, and modes of application.

What Is ERP Software And Why Is It Crucial?

Business executives and management groups are in charge of deciding how to manage organizational operations, and a crucial choice in this regard is whether or not to deploy ERP. Enterprise resource planning, or ERP software development company, is a system that has many advantages for your business but also requires effort, time, and money to implement and utilize regularly.

Look at FineSoft Technologies’s company’s website, one of the best custom software application development in Delhi and case studies if you’ve opted to utilize a selection consultant, they have a wealth of knowledge to share. To determine if they are the ideal fit for your company and workplace culture, speak with one of their experts right now.

Advantages Of Consulting ERP Software Development Company

Hiring software consultants have become a need for firms with the most recent technological advancements. Due to the restricted capabilities of its human resources, a corporation needs well-trained professional professionals to handle its IT services.

The use of software consulting businesses has several advantages. Here are some of the top benefits that a hired consulting firm may provide for your company:

  • Better Productivity

You may assist your software get up and running quickly by hiring a team of consultants, ensuring that business doesn’t suffer during the changeover. When your company is operating as smoothly as possible, which is the whole objective of employing sign business software, they can assist you in making the most of all the many capabilities.

  • Control corporate data

Many departments need to have easy access to a lot of information for the majority of businesses. You will be able to monitor several indicators with the aid of ERP software, including the company’s financial progress, new projects, website statistics like visits, leads, etc., and other pertinent information.

  • More effective project management

ERP consultants take on the responsibility of project management and focus their expert knowledge on the primary goals of the company. This assists the internal management team in concentrating more on areas that require improvement to increase corporate production.

  • Increased process effectiveness

ERP software eliminates repetitive tasks and drastically reduces the need to enter data manually, which increases user productivity and eliminates the danger of erroneous data. The benefits of using an ERP system in a corporation also improve day-to-day operations by streamlining business procedures that making it simpler and more efficient for businesses to gather data from multiple organizational administrations.

  • Risk Mitigation

Hiring one of the IT consulting firms gives you access to a group of qualified specialists that can demonstrate how to accomplish a change by cooperating with your internal team. It lowers the likelihood of danger and increases the effectiveness of your company.

  • Boost Sales

It has become essential to use ERP consultancy in this hyper-responsive era to take charge of expense reduction and concentrate on growing revenue. Early on, it is simpler to spot the gaps and develop a business resource plan that is in line with the needs of small businesses.

  • Interdepartmental Cooperation

Nobody wants to run a compartmentalized company where each department operates differently from the others. Collaboration between administrations is an essential and sometimes required component of business, particularly given that commercial undertakings frequently include more than one administration. 

The Bottom Line

The benefits a strong ERP may provide for your company are what determine its significance. By automating and optimizing regular company activities, the ERP system manages several business functions. With the use of this software, businesses may increase user productivity and efficiency while also improving customer service.

Best E-commerce Web Development Company

Ecommerce is the perfect way to buy and sell items online. It is a fast and convenient way to exchange goods and services, and we at FineSoft Technologies develop high-quality e-commerce websites that are ideally suited to the needs of our customers.

Our eCommerce web development team works on custom design layouts. It develops a secure gateway to payment which is critical to running a successful 24×7 website as e-commerce sales grow every year. Competition is becoming more and more complicated, and we at FineSoft Technologies can help you think above the competition and keep your buyers happy. FineSoft Technologies is regarded as the best custom ecommerce website development company in India and worldwide.

How will you choose the best eCommerce web development company?

Choosing the right eCommerce website development company is not an easy task. In fact, there are hundreds of agencies that offer website design and development services. But this doesn’t make your choice any easier – choosing the best custom ecommerce website development company can still be a daunting task that requires careful consideration of a few key factors.


Looking at the agency’s portfolio will help you assess the quality and diversity of the company’s projects and provide reasonable examples of the quality of their work. It may not be enough to determine how the project progressed in real life. But it’s a good start. A portfolio can give you a rough idea to you about what the company truly specializes in. But the projects they actually work on may not be reflected in their marketing and messaging often. But they are actually just entering the business and looking for their first customers.

Check your own website:

Before you look at their work, The Company’s website itself can give you a general idea of ​​your abilities and responsibilities. If they have an impeccable design and top-of-the-line capability, you would expect this to be reflected on their own website.

Request a team member profile:

Hiring the right team is a prerequisite to running a successful project. When you are in the review process, you can ask the company to provide a resume of the team members assigned to your project. This is an effective way to check if they are fully qualified to deliver a successful project.

Check for unbiased customer reviews:

There is a dedicated website for software development service reviews. They offer detailed customer testimonials to help companies Find the best provider for their project, like FineSoft Technologies.

Reasons to hire the eCommerce web Development Company?

Your site’s first impression on your customers’ minds is what makes them stay or leave the site. For those who are inexperienced, the simple design that is easy to use and doesn’t challenge too many users is user-friendly. The development company understands the workflow in terms of the necessary technical aspects of e-commerce standards. They know what type of software is the best today. Development companies can work with customers to provide features tailored specifically to their business needs. Developers have the ability to make the site friendly enough and add the necessary gadgets to offer the best customer experience.

Development companies like FineSoft Technologies can help you improve your customer experience. The company must develop a website that does not lag, hang or crash, regardless of the amount of traffic. 


Only the best ecommerce web development company can guarantee you a fully customized and competitive eCommerce website design service. To ensure that the website is used to meet the specific needs of your business, therefore, hire FineSoft Technologies, an eCommerce website development company that goes through all the factors written in the blog. They have a lot of experience building eCommerce websites for their customers’ businesses. Hire them and get top-notch eCommerce development services at affordable prices.

Website is Mandatory for all Government Schools

All government and government-aided schools in Noida and Ghaziabad would have to build their website, as well as e-mail IDs for instructors and students in grades 9 to 12. The UP Board of Secondary Education issued the instruction (UPSE).

Officials claimed the measure is intended to allow government schools to keep up with the times, especially since the Covid epidemic posed obstacles such as a lack of internet tools for informing class and internal test dates. According to UPSE secretary Divyakant Shukla’s instruction, the websites must be constructed within three months using the government’s contingency budget.

“Within three months, all of these schools associated with the board are obliged to build a website for their institution, as well as email addresses for instructors and students in grades 9 through 12. While most private schools already have their websites, few government schools can claim the same”, said Dharamveer Singh, district inspector of schools (DIOS), GB Nagar.

As we can all see special emphasis has been made to create and have a school website development presence.

The websites would have to be constructed using UPSE contingency money, according to DIOS Pradeep Kumar Dwivedi in Ghaziabad. “Once the Jan Suvidha Kendra or cyber cafés are ready and running, students in remote or rural areas with internet issues can utilize the specified website to access emails and school information.”

How Fine Soft Technologies Can Help You in Creating a Responsive & Engaging Website ?

When the entire world is turning digital, it’s past time for government schools to catch up with private institutions. The epidemic has shown us that paper in its physical form is no longer useful. The system will be enhanced soon to allow users to upload attendance, marksheets, and internal exam results.

If you are looking out for creating a fabulous website, then there’s no better choice than Fine Soft Technologies. They have a robust portfolio, have been in business for more than 8 years, and have a great reputation for generating excellent work on time and budget. They founded their company following successful careers in software development, website development, mobile app development, and digital marketing, among other things. They design websites not only for schools but also promote college website development.

Their e-commerce development team chooses the most appropriate e-commerce platform for you. Their web design experts will work on Magento, e-Commerce, and OpenCart according to your business needs and provide you with an appropriate solution. The CMS platform you choose will empower your store. As a consequence, they provide you with an e-commerce website solution that is very helpful, qualitative, and produces results.

FineSoft Technologies is one of the best website development companies in Delhi. As the epidemic had a significant influence on education, with online lessons being offered in all schools on the one hand, and hundreds of government school pupils being denied access due to a lack of digital infrastructure support on the other. Students were also unable to access information about their online classes during the shutdown.

As we all know, there is an Importance of a website for schools and colleges in the most possible ways they can ever imagine. Moreover, e-commerce is a great method to purchase and sell things online, and it’s a quick and easy way to exchange goods and services. Finesoft technologies create high-quality e-commerce websites that perfectly fit the demands of our clients. Their e-commerce web development team creates bespoke design layouts and creates a secure payment gateway, which is critical for effectively running a website 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The rivalry has grown quite stiff as e-commerce sales expand year after year. 

They can help you look beyond the competition and keep your customers pleased. FineSoft Technologies is widely regarded as India’s and the world’s top e-commerce development firm. To sum up, everything, if you are looking to have a website for you your school or college, consider no other than Fine soft Technologies.

Hire Dedicated App Development Team

Mobile devices now offer a smooth and efficient method to reach customers. Attract new consumers and retain existing customers. Indeed, a mobile application is better than a website. To do this, you can create an application yourself if you have the right knowledge of the process. Or you can choose to hire the best app development company.

Here are some tips, which can help you make the right decision when hiring fast services offered by professional Mobile App Developers

Don’t rely on the first meeting – there are options!

The app development market is broad. So, it is entirely baseless that you decide to rely on the first meeting. Avoid the first developer you encounter. He/they may offer you an exciting deal, but it will not be a game-changer. It will be more rewarding if you take the time to find and Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developers.

A survey will help you ideally to understand which app developing team fits according to your needs. Then only you can hire the App Development team wisely. Choose what you think is best suited for the job. Discuss your expectations and evaluate your developer’s knowledge and experience before making the final decision. 

Choose a developer with excellent technical knowledge

A qualified developer will know everything about different operating systems. If you need an app for iOS, then hiring an iOS App Developer will be perfect. If you are looking for an IOS application, make sure the developer has adequate knowledge of X Code development, limitations, and Apple developer guidelines to ensure that the application is accepted. For Android, the Android App developer requires basic knowledge of JAVA programming. Choose the best one for your business.

Consider how versatile your developer is 

You must Hire App Developers based on the necessary criteria. How much knowledge of application they have? Do they well-versed with web practices like CSS and PHP database? How many projects have they done? What is their market reputation? What do their clients say about their services? It would be best if you also made sure that the developers can create an application that caters to all types and sizes of the screen without problems. Previous experience is essential.

Professional developers stay in touch, always!

Track the progress of development so that you have a kind of approach planned to get the best results. Always Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developers who are organized in the development approach so that you can have a successful mobile app ready in a reasonable amount of time. Depending on the resources, and the amount of work required. 

Besides, Long-term relationships are better as you can count on the same high-quality services in the future without going through the search process again. Stay away from the newbie developers, which you don’t feel comfortable.

How Corona Virus Impact Indian Economy ?

The outbreak of corona virus in china has hit a china as well as India’s economic market More than 200 Indian Business leaders said corona virus impact our business because china is the largest supplier of components for electronic goods , smart phones and chemicals . The main items to be exported from China to India are electronic items , organic chemicals and drugs , mobile parts and automobile parts . The reason behind corona virus impact on Indian markets is to the supply shortage of factory shutdowns in china , Chinese vendors have increase the prices of key components by 2- 3% due to shutdowns of factory and supply shortage and these hike depends upon the impact and how long the situation continues.                                                 

They also effect Indian electronic companies

China is the largest supplier of electronic items like mobile parts and other electronic items . Indian manufactures use 75% Chinese components for TV & almost 85% of that for the smart phone’s such as mobile display, open ac tv panels, open circuit boards, memory and led chips are imported from china.
The impact of coronavirus the import of these products is totally shutdowns from china , due to this that also impact the Indian electronic market. The price of these products is hike due to supply shortage between these two countries.

Tech Sector Feeling the impact of Coronavirus

our economist says , your GDP reduces almost 0.3% due to a virus outbreak because china plays a significant role in manufacturing side , we should focus on the supply chain of technology. If situation are continuing like this, then that may impact in the long term in IT industry.

According to FineSoft Technologies the IT sector may see indirect impact due to outbreak of coronavirus because shortage of workers in IT sectors that impact the company work , typically Indian companies are present in china as a branch office, joint venture ,subsidiaries.
There are three IT companies set up at Xuzhou and Dalian Guiyang to facilitate partners between Indian and Chinese companies, focusing on emerging like Artifical Intellligence , Internet of Things, Mobile App Development and Big Data.

Facebook to pay record-breaking $5 Billion Penalty against privacy violation

Federal trade commission making a huge announcement that the Facebook will pay $ 5 billion fine on privacy breaches to resolve the government probe as declared by US FTC (federal trade commission) on Wednesday. Now Facebook has agreed to pay a historic fine, but even more important, they are going to make some structural changes to how we build products and run this company. They have a responsibility to protect people’s privacy.

The FTC began investigating the company back in march in 2018 after allegations on Cambridge analytica and now different British political consulting firms access the data of million of Facebook users without consent. FTC said that the firm is responsible for false ads and practices to harvest personal information from facebook users. The commission has also settled with the firm’s former CEO Alexander Nix. The App developer Aleksandr Kogan has also agreed to follow orders and destroy all personal information.

In 2012 Facebook made commitments to its user and the federal government that it was going to make misrepresentation having shared the data, control the consumers over the data and promise to have the reason about privacy programs, but in the end of the day, it broke all the promises.


Facebook is facing a record breaking fine. The US FTC has reportedly roughly $ 5 billion penalty settled against the social media network and follows an investigation into privacy violations comes on the heal which came analytical revolution

Facebook has been underneath the shadow of the Federal Trade Commission looked for quite a year. The agency last spring began investigating a series of reports that the political information firm, Cambridge Analytica, that did work for Trump’s 2016 campaign, improperly obtained data on some fifty million Facebook users via a tutorial investigator.

$5 billion could sound sort of a heap, however, during this context, it’s merely not a substantive quantity deed aside that Facebook at now in all probability makes that during a month, it merely doesn’t correspond to the damage done or rewards reaped. It’s extremely that Facebook’s “unjust enrichment,” created as a result of the verboten user information assortment within which it engaged, is over $5 billion. As Commissioner Rohit Chopra says in his dissident statement, “breaking the law needs to be riskier than following it.” In different words, you shouldn’t be ready to steal $100, then pay a fine of $50 to urge off the hook. The undeniable fact that Facebook’s stock worth enhanced with the revelation of a possible $5 billion penalty could recommend that the market believes that a penalty at this level makes a violation profitable,”

“Such a monetary penalization for purposeful, blatant unlawfulness is chicken feed for an organization that produces tens of billions of greenbacks once a year”.

Once approved by the civil division of the USA Department of Justice, the multi-billion-dollar fine, obligatory on Facebook can become one in every of the largest-ever issued by the independent agency. The settlement comes quite a year once the independent agency opened Associate in Nursing investigation over Facebook’s information sharing practices with political political practice Cambridge Analytica. It’s calculable that the agency harvested the private information of eighty seven million Facebook users

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like TikTok?

In the present era, the music app industry has been completely changed and given a new way to interact with music and videos. Nowadays, TikTok app is one of the most popular and innovative ways of creating and sharing short videos. In the year 2018, it became the most downloaded app and break the record of PUBG, YouTube, Whatsapp, and Instagram.

TikTok app is a new trend, and you all know that when a new trend hits mainstream its hard to bring it back down that’s why  TikTok app has a huge user nowadays and have a great revenue potential and a lot of startups having their eyes in creating a similar app like TikTok app.

According to the recent survey, TikTok app is currently available in 140 Countries. India is also one of the countries whose youth are attracted by TikTok app and get some great revenue from TikTok, there are now more than 20 million active users in India.

What is the TikTok Mobile App?

TikTok app is the Chinese music video, songs and tunes platform that allows users can lip-sync to them like Dubsmash. It’s not only the lip-syncing user can also dance to the songs, make, videos, add filters like video effects, reverse effect, slow-motion, and spice it up by doing crazy and creative things to make their videos stand out from the rest.

This app is not only used for youth, it beings used by people of all age group. Apart from that, if you pull off something creative & interesting your video can get lots of like and you can become popular in just a day.

There are some mind-blowing statistics;-

  • TikTok is the 6th most downloaded app in the world.
  • It has around 500 million active users worldwide.
  • Approximately 800 million installations.
  • An estimate of about 1,000,000 daily million page views.

Here some essentials features of TikTok app-

 1. Login and Signup-First and important, you will need to provide a means for signing up and logging in. This page needs to be an identity for your users.

2. A Simple User Interface and App Navigation-As soon as it’s quick to understand the TikTok application and you will see the trending and favorite videos. you can scroll down the post and see more, and you can easily navigate throughout the app.

3. Sharing-The most important features give TikTok app is sharing icon option and you can easily share your post on Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, and E-mail also.

4. Hearts and Commenting-Hearts and commenting are the keys to the app. The more hearts you get more popular your post becomes. Some users become a star due to TikTok if you like a video and you want to save, leave a heart, and it will be saved in your profile. Here are what look likes.

5. Duet option- TikTok gave also the features of a duet with other, suppose if you scroll down the videos and you like the song and lip-sync then you make duet on this videos with some hashtags like #duetwithme.

6. Setting option-In this option, users can change profile picture, change the password, add a bio and choose between private and public account, block users. You can also switch the language and access the help center.

How FineSoft Technologies help in developing a similar app?

FineSoft Technologies is a global leader in providing software consultancy services since 2011. We have immense experience in this industry, due to which we perform business analysis &deliver bespoke software solutions to our clients. We follow a unique approach so that we can render the project in the estimated time and budget within quality standards. We have a  Developers and team members like.

  • Android and iOS developer
  • Mobile developer
  • Front-end and back-end developers
  • QA expert
  • Database Expert
  • Delivery expert
  • A sales and marketing team
  • Product manager
  • UI/UX designers

We developed a video app like TikTok using languages like Java & Kotlin for Android and C or Swift for iOS. If you want to build the hybrid version, you can use React native, Xamarin, or Flutter for both Android and iOS.

The technology used and the team of developers required to create the app, the total cost for developing an app like TikTok would be around $5000 -$10000. With respect to the features and functionalities, the price I am telling you a basic price, it can fluctuate if you add or remove some features.

Facts and Technologies You Need to Know if you plan to build an App like TikTok Here if you plan to build an app like TikTok that’s good. They have a huge number of users, around 150 million active on a daily basis. TikTok also has a large number of short videos and have features for its users to easily upload and edit these videos by themselves. Some required technologies to build an app like TikTok are-

  • You will need Artificial intelligence (AI).  AI is used for filtering and personalizing data to thousands of users. TikTok uses the AI algorithm to understand and automatically add tags with the help of image and object recognition. For example, the virtual rain feature; users can hold up their hands and control or even pause the virtual raindrops. This type of technology was almost impossible to develop. For a feature like this, it requires the AI to be able to detect and effectively respond to human body parts.
  • You will need cloud storage. You can use servers like Google cloud storage or Amazon S3. The price will depend on the data storage, the network and the operations.
  • Content delivery networks.
  • A database such as MailChimp integration and Cassandra.
  • Datastax for database management.
  • Real-time analytics and push notifications.
  • For better programming productivity GWT is necessary.
  • Feasible payment methods such as Paypal or e-wallet.
  • Video and audio transcoding.
  • A universal operating system.