Everything You Need To Know About Meditation App

What is a Meditation App?

Meditation is a practice which is used by individuals all around the world where a person uses several techniques such as focusing on a particular object or activity while also training the mind to achieve attention and awareness in order to achieve a better mental and emotional state.

Why is a meditation app required?

In this current generation, our lifestyle is becoming more and more monotonous each day. People are getting more and more immersed in their responsibilities. Starting from their work to their family everyone has to take care of some work or the other before even getting the time to think about themselves. In this competitive and ever-demanding world, we have forgotten the importance of calmness and how it actually feels to sit in silence and relax for some time.
But there is still a ray of hope for our monotonous life and our continuous struggle in the form of meditation apps. Everyone needs some motivation when it comes to trying out something new. This is where the meditation apps come into play. Meditation applications are extremely useful and play a significant role in the training and guidance of a person who wishes to try out meditation but has no previous experience in it

Which kind of technologies are required for development?

The technology behind the development of meditation apps are not too complicated. Choosing the right stack of technology is for the development of these apps is essential to ensure the proper functioning. Some of these technologies include Google Analytics and PHP among several others.

Market Size of Meditation App

Now that you know the importance of meditation apps especially in this current scenario it is time to understand the market size of these meditation apps.

  • According to several research and data, it is being forecasted that the medication app market will grow from 1.21 Billion dollars in the year 2017 to 2.08 billion dollars by the year 2022.
  • More than 14% of adults in the United States of America have tried the meditation apps at least once.

These data make it clear that the meditation app market is growing at a fast pace and the constantly changing health and Wellness industry is catalysing its growth. In order to get a better perspective, it is important to first familiarize yourself with the competitors by taking a look at some of the most popular and top meditation applications which exist in the market in today’s date.

  • The Aura App has a total funding of 574.7 Million Dollars
  • Breathe App has received funding of around 18.4 Million Dollars.
  • Another app known as Calm App has got funding of 143 Million Dollars.

Now that it is clear that the meditation app industry is growing very quickly. Now if you are wondering what can be offered to the meditation industry let us understand the various pros of the most popular meditation applications.

Pros of Mediation Apps

  • Meditation applications track the progress of each user. As a result, everyone gets to keep track of their progress as well as their downs. This helps a user to make sure that they do not skip meditation.
  • Some of the meditation apps also offer classes from meditation experts who help these students with innumerable techniques. The experts also guide the users through the various advantages of meditation and motivate them to continue it further.
  • A lot of meditation apps also offer SOS sessions in case the user goes to a moment of panic or anxiety.
  • The meditation applications also offer the basic meditation techniques which can be done even by beginners.

What are features that these Meditation Apps require?

The meditation apps offer a variety of features which can prove to be highly useful for the person using the apps. These features come in handy and are easy to use and navigate through.

  • A brief walk-through the on-board app features This classic feature allows the user to understand the application clearly and easily before they start to use the app. The quick and brief walk-through the important features helps the users to understand the highlights of the application while also allowing them to discover the major functions which are available in the app.
  • Customized user profile A person gets more connected to meditation through the meditation apps if the application feels personal to them. This can only be done by allowing the users to customize the application according to their needs. Create a filter for the users wherein certain general questions can be asked to them in order to help them create their profile such as their purpose for using the meditation app, or the age group they belong to. By selecting the age group a user can receive personalized meditation tips and techniques which suits their age. The filter can also include questions such as the medications which they are currently taking. By understanding the answers to these questions, customized suggestions and meditation mechanic can be provided to the user which makes them feel more connected.
  • Introduce challenges and games in the application A meditation application which integrates various challenges and games cease a much more increase in use. People tend to engage more in the application by meditating if they get to complete a task or an exercise session in order to achieve a badge. There is an innate desire in human beings to keep up with the scores and challenges which ultimately increases the amount of time they spend on the application. It is a lot of time that many people tend to find themselves more interested in achieving their milestones which can prove to be very advantageous for the meditation app development.
  • Help the users to track their progress by keeping a library The main aim and goal of a meditation app are to provide users with various kinds of techniques and methods of meditation, exercises and relaxation. The best way to keep the users engaged with the app is to allow them to keep track of their daily progress through trackers. The real-time trackers which are integrated with these applications allow the user to track their breathing, heartbeat, and other parts of their body during their meditation. This type of tracker can help them to collaborate with experts who can judge their meditation and its effectiveness by assessing the meditation progress of their followers.
  • Give assistance to the users through virtual in-app video calls or recorded videos By the use of virtual assistance, the users can get their queries answered at all times of the day. It is important for the users to feel that they are not alone in this and support is always available to them at all times of the day. Through virtual assistance, the users can ask everything they are confused about. The in-app videos are also extremely helpful for the users since these videos can be downloaded and saved in their device which can later be accessed without any Internet connection. The users can stream the videos offline and refer to it even if they are visiting a place with low network connectivity. The expert opinion and suggestions can guide the users which will ultimately bring more traffic to the online meditation app. This 24×7 virtual assistance creates customer loyalty and builds a trustworthy relationship between the users and the experts.

Making money from the Meditation App

Meditation apps can be used in various ways when it comes to monetization. The first and simplest method is through the subscription where the users need to pay a fixed amount to unlock several premium additional features on the basis of duration. The subscription can be done on a monthly or a yearly basis.

Another method of monetizing a meditation app is to introduce in-app purchases. Under this technique, the users are provided with several in-app products and services which can be bought through the app. However, all of these products and reviews are always related to the platform of meditation some way or the other. The in-app purchases also offer various training programs which enable the users to select one program of their choice from a list of several programs. Last but not the least, advertisements are always one of the most popular methods of monetization when it comes to applications. In this era of digitization, everyone wants to have a digital presence for their company. You can place a third party advertisement on your application. This is certainly a viable approach to generate a good percentage of revenue.

Budget required to develop a meditation app

The budget for the development of a meditation app includes certain aspects such as the app specification. The amount of money you would require for the development of the application largely depends on your requirements as well as the complexity of the app. The complexity proportions and the application features along with various functionalities and development strategy play a vital role in the budget determination for the development of any meditation app. The overall budget also depends on several other factors such as-

  • Mobile platform If the application is being designed for launch on both ioS and Android mobile phones, then the cost of development will certainly be higher. App development solely for Android mobile devices is cheaper as compared to ioS.
  • Application Size If an application has several special functionalities and features, the application size increases drastically which in turn further increases the budget.