ISP Billing Software

ISPMate is a comprehensive ISP billing software designed exclusively for internet service providers, addressing your crucial needs in billing, complaint management, and operational efficiency. Our powerful features empower ISPs to streamline their processes and enhance customer satisfaction.

Key Features Of ISPMate

  1. Customer Data and Document Management: ISPMate enables ISPs to centralize and
    efficiently manage customer data and documents. Say goodbye to scattered information – our
    ISP Billing Software offers a unified platform to ensure quick access and seamless updates.
  2. Package Renewal for Admin and Users: Admins and users can easily renew their internet
    packages through ISP billing software. Our user-friendly interface ensures a hassle-free
    experience, enhancing convenience for your team and customers.
  3. Rapid Ticket Resolution: When customers encounter issues, they can promptly raise tickets
    through ISP billing software. This integrated system facilitates efficient communication and
    swift resolution, bolstering customer satisfaction.
  4. Hardware Stock Management with Dual Verification: Managing hardware stock is made
    effortless with ISPMate. Our dual verification system enhances accuracy and accountability.
  5. Employee Management and Attendance: Keep track of your employees’ attendance and
    manage their details seamlessly with ISP Billing Software. The software simplifies HR tasks,
    allowing you to focus on what truly matters.
  6. Salary Management: ISPMate aids ISPs in managing employee salaries efficiently. Say
    goodbye to manual calculations and errors – our software streamlines the process for accurate
    and timely payments.
  7. Integration with Multiple Bandwidth Management Software: With ISPMate, integration with
    multiple bandwidth management software is a breeze. Enjoy the convenience of managing
    diverse software from a single CRM, enhancing operational efficiency.
  8. Mobile Application for Customer Self-Care: We also have you covered on the customer front.
    ISP billing Software offers integrated mobile applications for Android and iOS, empowering our
    customers to take control of their experience through self-care


Q1: Is ISPMate suitable for both small and large ISPs?

Ans: Yes, ISPMate is suitable for both small and large ISPs. It has all the features that are
required for ISPs.ISPMate is fully scalable. ISPMate billing software is fully tested, and it can
handle huge numbers of user at one time.

Q2: Can ISPMate integrate with my bandwidth management software?

Ans: ISPMate integrates seamlessly with multiple bandwidth management software like Jaze, H8,
IPACTT, and Cloud Radius. ISPMate ISP billing software is a centralized CRM to manage
various software platforms effortlessly.

Q3: How does ISPMate handle recurring customer’s internet?

Ans: ISPMate billing software has a smooth user interface that lets users make payments online
through various payment gateways in a very smooth manner. Also, ISPMate Renew customers’
internet packages automatically.

Q4: What customer support options are available with ISPMate?

Ans: ISPMate customer support is available 24 * 7 for any issue or concern. ISPMate provides
support over phone calls, emails, and WhatsApp, and users can also raise requests on our
complaint management portable. The customer support team received the ticket within the SLA

Q5: How does ISPMate streamline billing processes?

Ans: ISPMate billing software can be scaled to accommodate the growth of an ISP’s business.
ISPMate billing software can help to protect sensitive customer information. ISPMate Billing
software can help ISPs stay compliant with regulations, such as governing taxes and data