Facebook to pay record-breaking $5 Billion Penalty against privacy violation

Federal trade commission making a huge announcement that the Facebook will pay $ 5 billion fine on privacy breaches to resolve the government probe as declared by US FTC (federal trade commission) on Wednesday. Now Facebook has agreed to pay a historic fine, but even more important, they are going to make some structural changes to how we build products and run this company. They have a responsibility to protect people’s privacy.

The FTC began investigating the company back in march in 2018 after allegations on Cambridge analytica and now different British political consulting firms access the data of million of Facebook users without consent. FTC said that the firm is responsible for false ads and practices to harvest personal information from facebook users. The commission has also settled with the firm’s former CEO Alexander Nix. The App developer Aleksandr Kogan has also agreed to follow orders and destroy all personal information.

In 2012 Facebook made commitments to its user and the federal government that it was going to make misrepresentation having shared the data, control the consumers over the data and promise to have the reason about privacy programs, but in the end of the day, it broke all the promises.


Facebook is facing a record breaking fine. The US FTC has reportedly roughly $ 5 billion penalty settled against the social media network and follows an investigation into privacy violations comes on the heal which came analytical revolution

Facebook has been underneath the shadow of the Federal Trade Commission looked for quite a year. The agency last spring began investigating a series of reports that the political information firm, Cambridge Analytica, that did work for Trump’s 2016 campaign, improperly obtained data on some fifty million Facebook users via a tutorial investigator.

$5 billion could sound sort of a heap, however, during this context, it’s merely not a substantive quantity deed aside that Facebook at now in all probability makes that during a month, it merely doesn’t correspond to the damage done or rewards reaped. It’s extremely that Facebook’s “unjust enrichment,” created as a result of the verboten user information assortment within which it engaged, is over $5 billion. As Commissioner Rohit Chopra says in his dissident statement, “breaking the law needs to be riskier than following it.” In different words, you shouldn’t be ready to steal $100, then pay a fine of $50 to urge off the hook. The undeniable fact that Facebook’s stock worth enhanced with the revelation of a possible $5 billion penalty could recommend that the market believes that a penalty at this level makes a violation profitable,”

“Such a monetary penalization for purposeful, blatant unlawfulness is chicken feed for an organization that produces tens of billions of greenbacks once a year”.

Once approved by the civil division of the USA Department of Justice, the multi-billion-dollar fine, obligatory on Facebook can become one in every of the largest-ever issued by the independent agency. The settlement comes quite a year once the independent agency opened Associate in Nursing investigation over Facebook’s information sharing practices with political political practice Cambridge Analytica. It’s calculable that the agency harvested the private information of eighty seven million Facebook users

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