Website is Mandatory for all Government Schools

All government and government-aided schools in Noida and Ghaziabad would have to build their website, as well as e-mail IDs for instructors and students in grades 9 to 12. The UP Board of Secondary Education issued the instruction (UPSE).

Officials claimed the measure is intended to allow government schools to keep up with the times, especially since the Covid epidemic posed obstacles such as a lack of internet tools for informing class and internal test dates. According to UPSE secretary Divyakant Shukla’s instruction, the websites must be constructed within three months using the government’s contingency budget.

“Within three months, all of these schools associated with the board are obliged to build a website for their institution, as well as email addresses for instructors and students in grades 9 through 12. While most private schools already have their websites, few government schools can claim the same”, said Dharamveer Singh, district inspector of schools (DIOS), GB Nagar.

As we can all see special emphasis has been made to create and have a school website development presence.

The websites would have to be constructed using UPSE contingency money, according to DIOS Pradeep Kumar Dwivedi in Ghaziabad. “Once the Jan Suvidha Kendra or cyber cafés are ready and running, students in remote or rural areas with internet issues can utilize the specified website to access emails and school information.”

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When the entire world is turning digital, it’s past time for government schools to catch up with private institutions. The epidemic has shown us that paper in its physical form is no longer useful. The system will be enhanced soon to allow users to upload attendance, marksheets, and internal exam results.

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