Latest PHP Framework That Rule Development Industry In 2018

Backend frameworks consist of tools and languages utilized in server-aspect programming in a web development environment. The key to a success web utility improvement is selecting the proper stack, understanding the server structure apart from getting to know new databases and programming languages. The developers play an instrumental function in internet improvement—growing the middle common sense around which and utility runs and integrating it dynamically with the front-end. According to specialists within the internet software improvement space, Node.JS and PHP play a lead function in backend improvement. The seven most famous backend frameworks which used by PHP Web Development Company in 2018 are:


An open-supply web application builder, Laravel follows the MVC architectural pattern. It is a php framework for great backend net software development, which enables seamless connectivity with the backend. Laravel is well-ready with command line tools and effective helper features.

This backend framework become to start with introduced as an open-supply Hypertext Preprocessor internet framework in 2011. Laravel has turn out to be popular way to its database migration, blade templating engine, intuitive interface etc. The framework has built-in utilities to get admission to relational databases powered by a modular packaging system,


It is a pre developed framework, helping developers and programmers to create more and more sophisticated, complex yet accurate websites and web applications. CodeIgniter is a powerful pre developed php framework having small footprints and helping developers to create full functional web applications.


Phalcon is a modern PHP framework which is designed with focus on speed. Unlike other frameworks, Phalcon is a PHP extension written in C programming language. So it consumes lower resources while delivering optimized performance. As Phalcon is loosely coupled, the programmers have option to use the framework fully or its specific parts as glue components. They can further download and install the framework as a PHP module.


Cake PHP is an open source web application framework written in PHP. It is one of the most popular web application development solutions, as it provides a simple and efficient coding platform for security purposes. It also decreases the costs within project development, its rapid development features increased productivity. So it saves time in the long run, and it has flexible development standards.


Symfony is considered to be the most adjustable and flexible of the list. Even being somewhat bloated and sometimes slow-performing because of feature-richness, it’s one of the headliners. One of its brilliant features is bundles, which greatly speed up the development. The greatest in Symfony is that it is a full-stack framework which gives the possibility to get things done just the way you want. The advantage is that it separates skilled developers from newbies. Symfony provides full control over an architecture and is a perfect solution for enterprise purposes.

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